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The New Religions Ring - The New Religions Ring welcomes websites devoted to new religious and spiritual movements (serious or humorous), academi

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The New Religions Ring

Manager: mfoster
This forum is associated with the New Religions Ring, which welcomes websites devoted to new religious and spiritual movements (serious or humorous), academic scholarship on new religions (NRMs), and religious parody (Church of the SubGenius, Church of the Bunny, Discordianism, McChurch, etc., etc.). Discussions can focus on any of these subjects.

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wizanda - Oneness - True Faith wizanda 11/16/2008 (1 posts) Oneness Community onlin   more
Rev. Jonathan Lobl's Healing Ministry jonlobl 03/25/2010 (1 posts) Rev. Jonathan Lobl's   more susanmaneck 01/01/2004 (1 posts) history, B   more
Sorcerers Crossing night_owl 04/20/2009 (1 posts) Information Site on   more
Magic, TEMPLE REBUILDING, Aura, Elements, Chakras, ... occult 07/30/2004 (1 posts) Kabbalah and the Tree of L   more
Turok's Cabana turok 09/21/2005 (1 posts) A very large and still gr   more
PHIL KAUFMAN, HUMORIST nypsychic2000 03/15/2004 (1 posts) JOKES AN   more
7 Years to go, for the Greater Good hobbsvonwackamole 12/16/2006 (1 posts) While my site i   more
Church of Saint Hypatia of Alexandria: Montclair NJ moc_montclair 06/05/2005 (1 posts) This is the website   more
The Pope-About-Town of the First Church of Common Sense johnnyasia 10/23/2001 (1 posts) Pucker your lips for   more
New Age Old Wives' Tales johnnyasia 09/21/2003 (1 posts) The "New Age" is ful   more
Kiss Hanks Ass and get 000,000 church_of_hank 06/30/2004 (1 posts) The Chu   more
Church For The Churchless yerbuddy 07/17/2005 (1 posts) An online Church of Chur   more
The Universal Life and Death Church g_edu3 07/16/2003 (1 posts) Come and praise Pope Chu   more
The Church of UnKnown Beliefs g_edu3 03/18/2001 (1 posts) Our church allo   more
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