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Woodworking Ring - The ring for the professional and hobby woodworker.  We feature woodcarving, woodburning, and other fine art crafti

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Woodworking Ring

Manager: tattooed_ogre
WWW. WoodWorking Webring. This is the place for those who work with wood, craft wood or just wood. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Come find out with our ring and have fun.

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Segmented Project Planner Hints, Samples, and more... - 03/27/2004

From novice to professional and design idea to segment cutting, Segmented Project Planner supports your lathe project. Sketch-A-Bowl, Autobowl, Segment Painting (colors, mosaics, images, spacers, gaps), Miter Templates, ZigZag & Diamond designs help make both simple & complex segmented projects easier, faster and more accurate. Print the project report and go st

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